Welcome to Put Them First

Put Them First was established in 2011 to help underprivileged children in Peru, promoting and supporting their educational advancement and well-being. Put Them First provides additional resources and support direct to the local communities that need it most. Almost all our resources are directed back to local communities because we have very low administrative costs. No one receives a salary.

The sustainability of our projects is key, which can only be achieved by working alongside local communities and empowering them to continue our work. We currently work with projects in Villa Santa Rosa, Arequipa, supporting our school of 50 children. We ensure that all the children attending, both the school and nursery, receive at least one substantial and healthy meal and much needed additional learning resources and support.

Our current aim is to expand and develop the after school projects we introduced in 2011. Our first was in Villa Santa Rosa where we provided 3 hours of additional learning following on from the 4-hour school day. All content was chosen with the local community and the school to ensure it was fully relevant to enable the children to achieve the next step in their eduction and  progress to secondary school. This project is desperately needed in the rural areas where we work. The impact on the children’s trajectory of learning has been impressive and is highly necessary. Our aim is to implement more projects of this nature in other local areas.

Our projects are developed based on the specific needs of each community. Our aim is never to impose our beliefs and Western values, but to provide some assistance and a ‘leg-up’ in life and help to close the gap between the children that we support and those who are more privileged.

Put Them First is proud to support these children, who always show amazing resilience, tenacity and strength. They are a constant inspiration to us. We are grateful to our supporters who provide this life changing help via clothes, books, donations and their time.

We feel passionately about improving the life chances of these children and thank you for your support.

We are a UK Registered charity, charity number: 1148282

Any questions or comments, please direct them to info@putthemfirst.org.