About us

Emma Doherty, CEO, Put Them First

Emma and Romel






Put Them First exists because of the extreme need that permeates Arequipa and many places all over the world. The children and communities we support have no other option than to rely on us. Without that hope, there is nothing. That is what drives myself and all others associated with this charity. I am proud every day to be part of something so impactful. And I thank you in advance if you want to help our children too.

Sarah Turner, Trustee







While teaching for several years in both primary and post-primary settings, in and around London, I became increasingly aware of the varied daily challenges children and adolescents face in Western society. Over a few years I visited Put Them First projects in Peru and I realised for the children there, their challenges ultimately determine their future. While an adult may fall into poverty temporarily, falling into poverty in childhood can last a lifetime. Rarely does a child get a second chance at an education or a healthy start in life. I support Put Them First because it does make a difference to children who need our help. Put Them First gives children that second chance.


Dan Slope, Trustee







I care about the wellbeing of children and it’s upsetting for me to think of how little some children out there have. I’m very proud to be a part of Put Them First and am looking forward to what we can do to improve the standard of living and opportunities in less fortunate parts of the world.