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Thank you so much for your interest in helping Put Them First work towards our mission.  Your support makes a big difference for a lot of children.


Our biggest need right now is in our library project.  Put Them First needs to fund raise enough money to pay a Peruvian teacher to work in our library project.  At this point, our volunteers are doing an incredible job at delivering reading comprehension lessons, creative activities, free reading sessions, and promoting literacy.  A big thank you to our wonderful and hard-working volunteers!  We have already seen big strides in some of our children’s reading comprehensive skills, and it can be so much better with the employment of a Peruvian teacher at this project.  PTF would be able to open the library 6 days a week as opposed to only 3, and having a permanent professional teacher at this project will enable the PTF libraries to be a powerful tool in promoting literacy.  A competitive teacher’s salary in Arequipa is 1000 soles, which is equivalent to (284 Euros, 372 dollars, 237 pounds).  If we could secure monthly donations of this amount, the library project could take off, and make a big dent in the literacy rates.


To give you an idea of how far your donation goes, here is a cost break down of main expenses:

food costs for all 3 projects, a total of 70 children:  1200 soles per month

school supplies: 200 soles per month

gas: 70 soles per month

water: 30 soles per month

electricity: 30 soles per month

teacher’s salary: 1000 soles per month



If you would like to support our cause financially here are a few ways how:



Resources:  Please contact us at or if you are interested in sending school supplies, books, educational games, clothes, shoes, toys, etc.  These resources are always put to good use at Put Them First.


Direct Transfer: This is the easiest way to set up monthly or one off donations.  Please contact us at or so we can thank you, and send you information/instructions.


Pay Pal: Our pay pal account can be found on our home page.


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