Supporting us

Firstly thank you so much for your interest in helping Put Them First work towards our mission.  Your support makes a big difference for a lot of children.  And a big THANK YOU to our hard working volunteers and donors.  Your time and contributions towards helping the children at Put Them First is simply invaluable. Without the support of our dedicated volunteers, putting others first would have been an impossible mission.



Our biggest need right now is in our new after school project.  Put Them First needs to fundraise enough money to maintain the salary for a Peruvian teacher to teach.  This teacher will be an integral part of an extracurricular programme that will be aimed at reading comprehension lessons, creative activities, free reading sessions, and promoting literacy.  The combined efforts of our volunteers alongside a permanent professional teacher at this project enables this PTF project to be an extremely powerful tool in promoting literacy.

For a better idea of the existing need at PTF projects, here is a list of costs we are currently covering, along with a list of costs that we need to cover.

Food for approx 70 children at 2 different projects

Gas and electricity at our school

School supplies for approx 70 children

Birthday/Christmas gifts for over 150 children (we assist other communities and projects at Christmas time)

Field trips and special days at school



These include our new After School Project. Costs include

Peruvian Teacher Salary

School supplies

Potential Rental space

Food, gas and electricity for the required space


There are a variety of ways you can donate if you would like to kindly help with these causes.

Paypal via our Donate button

Our Put Them First Bank account or a standard cheque.


Or something that we see more often and something we would love to help you with is FUNDRAISING. A lot of our supporters now get involved with their local communities to fundraise for our children eg a bar fundraiser, a local raffle, a cake sale, a dinner party with an entrance fee etc. There are so many ways to hold something and it doesn’t have to be huge nor time consuming.

Please contact us if you are interested in helping fundraise for these worthwhile projects that desperately need your help.

We are always interested in those who feel passionately about our mission. If you do too, and would be interested in a trustee position where you could help shape this young organisation, please contact with a CV and a detailed cover letter.