Godparent Campaign

Manantiales Refuge Centre is a place where struggling single mothers can send their children during the working day. The children sent to Manantiales range in ages from just a few months to 3 years old. Our friend Lucia has been running this refuge centre for years and has been struggling with such a heavy responsibility. We met Lucia through a mutual friend and decided that Put Them First should help with her valiant efforts.
Put Them First started by sourcing volunteers to help Lucia take care of all of the children at the Refuge Centre. We also help with overall expenses for 3 hot meals daily for each of the children. These babies arrive malnourished but over a short period of time,they slowly increase in weight and look healthier. It is a slow process but we know that receiving the right nutrition in the initial years of a child’s life is imperative. We take this very seriously and work hard to develop the right diet, allowing for funds received.
The children at Manantiales are very much in need of this shelter and nutrition. Our Godparenting campaign allows you to provide this crucial food for them. Regularly you receive photos and an update from the child you ‘sponsor’. You will receive progress on how they are doing, allowing you to see them grow. Please let us know if you are interested in sponsoring a child for 50 soles a month ie 12 pounds, 15 euros or $18 per month.

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Any questions or for more information, please direct all correspondence to info@putthemfirst.org.