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Put Them First strives to promote health and education in Peru where these rights can often be neglected.  Each and every present PTF project is a reflection of this mission, and all future projects will also be working towards these very same goals.  



“Put Them First” se esfuerza  para promover la salud  y la educación en areas del mundo donde  estos derechos están a menudo negados. Cada proyecto de PTF es una reflexión de esta misión, y todos los proyectos futuros serán además evocados hacia la misma causa actualmente. 



Villa Santa Rosa lies 40 minutes out from Arequipa centre and is a young community, barely 8 years old. As well as lacking basic infrastructure, including running water, the educational services available to the community are poorly resourced and supported by the government.


Since July 2011 we have been providing hot lunches for the Villa Santa Rosa Primary School. The government gives rations every few months but these supplies are supplementary only. Our food enables our primary school children to eat. We genuinely don’t know if they will eat again that day. And if they do, it could be pitifully small. Through the kindness of our donors over the years, we have been able to ensure these children receive nutrition, Monday to Friday, in an important way.  We have also provided school resources, water, gas and educational school trips. This assistance has been invaluable to the director, the teachers, the community and the children. Thanks to all who have donated to Put Them First and thank you for entrusting us to know where your donations will make the greatest difference.


MANANTIALES CHILDREN’S REFUGE has unfortunately now closed. Thank you so much for everyone who helps make this incredible project so vital and effective.




Another project designed and implemented by Put Them First is our first After School project. Put Them First has done incredible work building relations with the community, involving and encouraging parents to work with us to improve the educational abilities of their children and in building their trust with ‘outsiders ’ who come in to assist (not take over). We focus on empowerment to the community and we spend a lot of time evangelising to locals about how they can help too.  Your generosity has allowed the charity to buy furniture, employ a local teacher, buy school supplies for the children and books for them to read. It has enabled us to build a local tank and ask the community for a place to teach the children. There has been incredible development thanks to the donations we received from so many. This work will continue within the community. Due to our current lack of resources, Put Them First has entrusted this work on to the local community and we are so proud that the blueprint has been developed and begun by Put them First and their supporters. Thank you all so much on behalf of all those who will now benefit from these changes.  



Our goal is to introduce a new After School Project using the blueprint developed from our intensive work over 2 years in Villa Santa Rosa. Our aim is to increase literacy and provide supplemented education to those less fortunate. We work in tandem with the local school in order to compliment their current curriculum. First steps are to ensure they absorb the basics ie reading and writing. Next steps are progressing on from primary school at age 11 to their next level of schooling. 


Adhoc projects that constantly need support:

Maldonado Primary School

We are so proud to have supported these children who desperately needed their education continued over their summer school months. A break in their education is potentially disastrous for many. They normally labour with their families during these months and it is so difficult to bring them back up to speed when they return to school after 2.5 months of holiday. So Put Them First financed their food and teacher to ensure there was continuum in their studies. These children have low concentration and few really value education yet. By continuing summer school, we have improved their chances to making the next grade, and then college. It all starts here and your contributions have made that happen.

Community Christmas projects

Put Them First is proud to say that it brought Christmas to over 200 children in Arequipa in the past. The majority would never receive presents and our photos show, in small part, the joy and excitement on the faces of those that received a gift from Father Christmas.



We continue to focus on the existing projects we have, fundraising to sustain these and strengthening the relations we have established. Before we grow as an organization, we want to ensure we fulfill our existing commitments. With that said, as speaking as an ex-volunteer myself, I know how difficult the work can be and I want to thank those that have helped us shape Put Them First into the impactful charity it is today via the after school project. We have had some incredible volunteers who worked tirelessly, never complained and never questioned why. They were an example of flawless work ethic and focus to help the projects, which in turn helped the children. I am proud to have worked with these people and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for changing and shaping lives positively. They also continue to be advocates for the Charity and their donations help us enormously to sustain the work we do. 

However watch this space because we realize the importance of volunteers in this environment. We will definitely be beginning our new volunteer search in the future months.


Please contact us if you are interested in helping fundraise for these worthwhile projects that desperately need your help.

We are always interested in those who feel passionately about our mission. If you do too, and would be interested in a trustee position where you could help shape this young organisation, please contact info@putthemfirst.org with a CV and a detailed cover letter.


Thank you so much for your interest in supporting this cause!

Muchas gracias por todo su interes en nuestra causa!